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Based on the design of the Ingram MAC-11 .380-caliber machine pistol, and similar in design and function to the famous Uzi submachine gun.

Cobray MAC 11 9mm

Price: $375.00

This is a used gun made by S.W.D. Incorporated. It comes with case, 10rd.clip, (2) 32rd. clips, speed loader, barrel extension (mock suppressor) AND an optional real suppressor (if NFA items are allowed in your state), and owners manual.

MFG Model No: 000000

Cobray MAC 11 9mm semi-auto pistol

Cobray MAC 11 9mm Semi-Auto

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Price: $1,370.00

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· Model

MAC 11

· Type

Semi-Auto Pistol

· Caliber


· Barrel  Length

5 in.

· Weight

4.26 lb.