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This is a fully Transferrable Original German MP40 with markings showing it was built in 1942.

MP40 Machine Gun

Price: $20,000.00

The BNZ marking on this gun makes this Machine Pistol a bit more rare and valuable.  The BNZ code was an attempt to conceal the production source by the Nazi’s during WWII --- a concentration camp.


With the "BNZ" marking you know that this gun was built at the Mauthausen concentration camp near Linz Austria by inmates working under supervision of Steyr-Diamler-Puch. Guns built here were built to higher standards, especially for the "SS" and "Gestapo".


This gun has a special historical significance because of where it was built, who built them and who controlled them .

MFG Model No: 000000

45 Osprey

German MP40 Machine Gun

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· Model


· Type


· Caliber


· Capacity


· Cyclic Rate-of-Fire

500 rds/min.

· Finish


· Frame


· Barrel  Length

9.9 in.

· Weight

8.82 lbs.