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Protect your home with the Mossberg® 500 12 Gauge Pump-Action Home Defense Shotgun.

Mossberg® 500 Home Defense 12 Gauge

Price: $394.00

The Mossberg 500 offers a 6-round cylinder capacity and a 18.5" 12 gauge barrel. The shotgun can be customized with a variety of accessories to suit your needs.


Many people fail to realize that in a situation where you are confronting intruders in your home, you will experience what we call Body Alarm Reaction (BAR). Adrenaline will dump into your system as your body prepares itself for "fight or flight". Your perception of the world around you alters and your hands will begin to tremble involuntarily. In this type of situation being accurate with a pistol becomes increasingly difficult. 


A shotgun is the weapon of choice here since you have multiple projectiles contained within each shotgun shell increasing the odds that you will strike your target.


Besides, Black Widow Arms believes that nothing scares bad guys more than the universally understood sound of a shotgun racking in a fresh round. Let us help you secure your castle.

MFG Model No: 52136

Mossberg® 500 12 Gauge Pump-Action Home Defense Shotgun

Mossberg 500 Home Defense Shotgun

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· Model


· Type


· Action


· Caliber

12 Gauge

· Capacity

6 Rnd

· Finish

Matte Blue

· Stock


· Barrel  Length

18.5 in.