AWC Jupiter Eye 9MM/40CAL/10MM Suppressor

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Product Overview

The Jupiter Eye™ suppressor is a muzzle mounted device designed to be compatible with most 9mm, .40 caliber & 10mm pistols.

This suppressor, in addition to significantly reducing muzzle blast, is also effective in the elimination of muzzle flash, and it does all of this as a dry suppressor when used in the 9mm configuration.

Optimal suppression with a .40cal/10mm Jupiter Eye is achieved by introducing artificial environment however it is not required.

  • OA Length

7.8 in.

  • Weight 

12 oz.

  • Standard Mounting Systems

1/2 x 28; 1/2 x 32;

1/2 x 36;

17/32 x 32; 13.5 x 1LH;

14.5 x 1LH


(No reviews yet) Write a Review