Zenith Firearms

"Zenith Firearms is a family owned company based in Afton, Virginia. Zenith works closely with the engineers and staff of MKE (Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation) of Turkey to bring the legendary reliability of roller delayed firearms to the American shooting community. These firearms are manufactured on original tooling by staff who have decades of experience working with the designs.

Zenith also works with other international manufacturers such as Girsan, Tisas, Tedna, and Israel Military Industries to bring some of the finest and most innovative products to the American market. We offer something for every type of shooter, including a full line of shotguns for the hunter, competitor, and for home defense. Zenith’s broad range of handguns offers a caliber, size, and style for shooters interested in concealed carry, personal protection, and home defense."

- Zenith Firearms, http://zenithfirearms.com/about/