AWC Raider 5.56 x 45MM Suppressor 1/2x28

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Product Overview

Today the technology of the Raider has, among other advancements in sound reduction: less weight, blow back reduction control and high tech heat dissipating ceramic exterior coating.

The Raider is capable of withstanding rapid-fire semi auto and “full auto” bursts.

Secure mounting is accomplished simply with our new 2 piece “Cam Lock” system. This system of mounting will not cause the adverse accuracy effect commonly associated with the “Quick Detach” silencer types. In fact accuracy is enhanced!

The Raider is a very strong unit, constructed of 100% stainless steel with each component solidly 360 degree welded as it has been since the inception of the Raider. It is also available in our TI “titanium” configuration for reduced weight.

The Raider can be mounted on any 5.56mm rifle including all AR-15/M16 style weapons, the SIG556, Ruger M-14, HK 5.56mm and the Styer AUG.


  • OA Length

6.7 in.

  • Weight 

24 oz.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review