BWA "Peace Through Superior Firepower" Stripped Lower Receiver

Black Widow Arms, LLC.

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Product Overview

Our custom limited edition "Peace Through Superior Firepower" lower receivers are made for true American patriots. Born from forged aluminum* for its extreme durability and strength to give your AR performance that you can depend upon when it matters most.

Our receivers are marked "Multi Cal" with model of "Venom". Also take note that the safety selector markings are "Peace" for (Safe), "Freedom" for (Fire) and "War" for (Auto).

*The forging process basically consists of taking aluminum and forcing it into the desired shape. The compression caused by the forging process increases the strength of the aluminum. Although the machining process is similar to that used to make a billet lower, the compression of forged aluminum creates a less refined appearance. Forgings received from Cerro Forging company are manufactured using state of the art CNC Equipment. Each operation a receiver goes through is not only verified that all tolerances are correct by the operator, but also by a QC manager. This is done in accordance to our quality standard, ISO 9001:2015. These processes are the same processes used when manufacturing products for the United States Government. After the manufacturing process is completed, the receivers are serialized and marked with logos using laser engraving systems.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review