German MP40 Machine Gun (SOLD)

Black Widow Arms, LLC.

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** SOLD **

Fully transferrable, functioning, original German MP40 Machine Gun with markings showing it was built in 1941. The firearm was imported into the states from 1945 Germany by Army Sgt. Robert Pavey who seized it as a war trophy during WWII. Markings indicate it was manufactured in 1941 by "fxo" Haenel with serial number 941m using subcontractor parts from Krupp. All serial numbers match except the front sights are marked 561 and the bolt is marked 20819. The bolt has markings for Steyr as manufacturer and prime contractor (Eagle over 623) including "WaA" marking. A copy of the original "Application For Importation of Firearms" and one magazine is included with the machine gun. Specifications: Model MP40 Type Full-Auto Caliber 9X19mm Capacity 32RD Cyclic Rate-of-Fire 500 rds/min. Finish Steel Frame Compact Barrel Length 9.9" Weight 8.82 lbs.  


(No reviews yet) Write a Review