Precision Cartridge Reload 50RD Range Pack TCJ

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Precision Cartridge Reload 50 Round Range Pack TCJ

The Precision Cartridge remanufactured Total Copper Jacket Bullet is a "range friendly" round great for target practice.

TCJ bullets will not cause the damage or premature wearing of range backstops that traditional full metal jacketed bullets will. TCJ bullets are constructed of relatively soft, thin, pure copper electroplated jackets (the jacketing is so soft that when separated from the lead bullet core, it can be easily bent back on itself just using two fingers). Hollow point bullets are especially kind to backstops because their hollowed noses are more compressible than are the solid noses of similar weight bullets. In contrast, the rigid, abrasive jacketing metal of traditional full metal jacketed bullets can cause rapid backstop wear. As a result, full metal jacketed bullets are not permitted to be used in many ranges.

An additional benefit of TCJ bullets is that they will not result in the ricocheting that is common among traditional jacketed bullets. The thick, rigid jackets of such bullets can break away on impact with the backstop and cause potentially dangerous ricocheting. TCJ bullets do not pose the same problem. In numerous tests over a period of years in both the U.S. and Europe, TCJ bullets have been shown to essentially eliminate ricocheting problems.

Precision Cartridge ammunition is made entirely from the highest quality components, using state-of-the-art equipment for processing and manufacturing, and is built to the same specifications as the finest ammunition on the market.

Precision Cartridge, Inc.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review